NEXEL is a Global Platform for young people to Build a Better World for themselves.

Driven by Passion, Purpose and Technology, we believe today’s youth can create a better world and solve biggest problems humanity faces today. We are Inspiring and Empowering Next Generation Entrepreneurs and Leaders to Learn, Innovate and Collaborate.

Started in 2017, today we are a proud community of 3000+ young entrepreneurs & leaders in 17 countries and 35 cities.

How we do it?

Creating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Entrepreneurs solve problems, build innovative solutions and create economic independence. We are inspiring young generation to become entrepreneurs and leaders using technology as a pillar. And for that we are bringing various stake holders together to foster ideas, generate resources and execute plans.


Bringing Global Opportunities to the Youth

For humanity to move forward and solve critical problems, we need to learn from each other and work together. At NEXEL we connect youth with global opportunities where they learn tools and skills, work in teams and gather resources. This enables them to solve local problems and build solutions with a global mindset.

Building Communities for Social Impact

Miracles happen when a group of young people driven by a common vision come together and solve problems in their community. We help young generation learn and execute social impact projects in their communities. Youth realise their leadership potential by being part of these programs.