How lack of Leadership Skills in Youth is destroying Indian Startup

2 days back I posted a video talking about why masses fall for fake babas like Ram Rahim and how this can be fixed. In that video I talked about the need of leadership mindset and skills in youth. Some of the comments I received were like “what this video is doing in Startup groups?”, “We are the STARTUPS”.

This post is an answer to those questions.

Research says 90% startups fail in first 3 years. I read a news couple of days back that startup investment deals halved in first half of 2017 in comparison to the same period last year dropping to lowest in past 14 quarters. The rapid decline is indicating to something really important, which cannot be ignored.

The reason is that most of the startup ecosystem people behave as if we are from a different planet and we don’t belong to this world (the real world). We are not creating solutions to the problems real people face in real world. But your idea should be funded and somebody should pay you because you think it’s the next world changing idea. The reality is; nobody cares about your idea whether you sleep with it, eat it or dream about it.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about your idea and how your mom & dad made you feel about your “intelligence and unique talents”. Market doesn’t care about your emotions.

There is a reason we have never produced legendary world changing businesses, especially in past 20-30 years. All the big, world-changing ideas are coming from the west. Because most of the “founders” are thinking that getting a funding is the ultimate goal of starting a company.

“Uber” of everything is not a business. Delivering potatoes cheaper is not a world changing business. This shit is not going to work.

You gotta get down to roots of the problems masses are facing in day-to-day life, see the world from their views, then using your talents & technology available create viable solutions for them. These are the real problems real people are facing and need real solutions. Doing that needs empathy, hard word, customer analysis and problem analysis. Doing that my friends is called Empathy & Leadership. And if you are not doing that but yet somehow you get some funding too, 2-3 years down the line you’re gonna be dead anyways. You are wasting your time, money and talent.

My videos express this grave lack of Empathy & Leadership skills in youth today.

If you are not working on real problem solving, if putting a tag of Founder CEO in front of your name is your number 1 priority, I would say pack your bags and go home. You are anyways going to be dead in some time. Why to waste money, time and talents that you can use somewhere else.

So, if you think Leadership and solving real problems has nothing to do with Startup groups & ecosystem, I would say Good Luck. You are making a fool of yourself.

Have a good day!

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