#3 How to Manage Employee Effectively?

What is the most difficult thing about being a manager or being an owner of a start-up? Is it being able to bring new projects for your company or creating new and effective policies or managing your employees in an effective way?

We conducted this poll amongst our Nexel community members and the majority of them voted that they find it very tough when their employees don’t perform for them the way they want them to.

Krishna Puranik complained that there are employees who are not punctual and organized, do not follow the company rules. And when they try to cut their salaries they come back saying that they are not financially well off.

So what is the solution to this problem?
According to Amit Sharma, these matters shouldn’t be dealt with emotionally. You should stick to the policies. People who actually have some problem will definitely discuss them with you.
Sivesh Kumar mentioned a very strong point that if they continue this kind of behavior for 2-3 months, action should be taken immediately so that they do not become a bad influence on other employees.
Sam Baisla highlighted the importance of feedback/performance management mechanism and systems. He also emphasized the need for effective and efficient management.
Amit Sharma also suggested that Startups are not like MNCs where a policy defined will work, the policies are developed by the work culture the organization follows, so understand your people, get to know them and define a policy in which 90% people are comfortable including you. The 10% is the falloff crowd which will eventually go (either today or tomorrow)..grow your policies with your organization.
Amit Rohra came up with the idea of having an induction process where all the policies are explained & the rationale behind them so as to avoid these kinds of situations.
Saurabh Goyal advised sitting with your team to make them understand the value of being on time. And you can try to understand what makes them be late. And give them strict information about. Either be on time or be ready to be fired or salary deducted.
The discussion ended with the conclusion that expectations should be made very clear to the employees when they join an organization and effective feedback process is the need of the hour.
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