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About Nexel

We are inspiring and empowering next generation entrepreneurs and leaders of the world. Our mission is to help them create a better world and solve critical problems.

How are we changing the world?

The world needs new ideas and solutions. And we help the young generation to learn, collaborate and create a better world for themselves.

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All the resources you need to put ideas into execution. Startups, investors, mentors, incubators, etc. – we bring everything together.



We build and strengthen local communities for young aspiring entrepreneurs & leaders to collaborate, learn, experiment and grow together.


Global Opportunities

We connect young leaders and entrepreneurs with global opportunities and projects.


Trainings & Events

We organize training programs and events to get the skills and mindset you need to change the world.


Become part of our Global Community

Get resources and work with global leaders. Join today to put your ideas into action, learn skills and collaborate with other change makers.

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